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Coding course documentation: Learn HTML and CSS at Nokensoft Office, in Jayapura, Papua.

Purchase SaCode Brand (T-Shirt, Hoodie, Sweater)

Get uniquely designed clothing from our exclusive collection! Every purchase of a T-shirt, hoodie, or other apparel with the SaCode brand not only makes you look stylish but also supports our various coding development programs. Join us in our mission to expand the accessibility of technology education for everyone.

Used Laptop Donations for Coding Classes

Your used laptop can become a valuable resource to create new opportunities for those eager to learn coding. Through our coding course programs, we provide access to underprivileged individuals, enabling them to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to pursue careers in technology. Your used laptop donation will be a significant first step in their journey.

“Let’s work together to build a brighter and more inclusive future through the world of coding. Every contribution you make has a significant impact in helping us achieve our vision of spreading the benefits of technology to more people.”

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