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Tech Community and Coding School

SaCode is a community of information and communication technology enthusiasts in the land of Papua.

Brief History

Established in 2018 through private courses aimed at sharing coding learning experiences.

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Early coding course at Highland Roastery (Coffee Shop and Raostery House) www.highlandroastery.com

From 2019 to 2020, SaCode conducted basic coding courses as per demand. There were both offline/on-site and several online classes.

Classes conducted from inception until now include:

  • Basic coding with HTML, CSS, and Bootstrap
  • Introduction to PHP programming
  • Website creation with WordPress CMS
  • Laravel 10 and Tailwind CSS
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Coding course documentation: Learn HTML and CSS at Nokensoft Office, in Jayapura, Papua.

SaCode's Weekend / TechShare

In 2020, SaCode initiated community development activities called SaCode's Weekend. This activity took place online every Saturday (Weekend).

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The early SaCode's Weekend ideation and the official website development.

The event was organized voluntarily by the community's contributors', comprising speakers, moderators, and support teams behind the scenes.

In 2024, the name of the activity "SaCode's Weekend" was changed to TechShare the activity was shifted to Wednesdays.

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TechShare documentation: Sharing and learning with IT Enthusiast on Google Meet.

IT Enthusiats

Since its establishment and the commencement of community activities, both online and on-site, SaCode has attracted various IT enthusiasts from Papua, scattered across different locations. They have contributed by sharing their learning experiences and work experiences with every other IT enthusiast involved in the activities.

"We will learn twice when we teach once. We will learn more when we share with others."

Janzen Faidiban The Founder of SaCode

Happy Coding!